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furryjay's Journal

26 May
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HIA i am jordan but if you are a furry you can call me jordy but i like to be call FurryJ My fursona is a Folfsky I love video games BUT the thing i love more is to LAUGH laughing is my favorite thing to do witch adds on to me loveing jokes if you tell a joke no matter what kind i will probly laugh my head off =3 and in a few days i will remember that joke and laugh some more =3... I like to wear black and most people who see me would think i am a emo but you know wat i say to them "I AM THE MOST HAPPYEST F@#$en EMO OUT THERE" BUT when i am in a good mood and with firends my personality is descided as "a person that is high on acid all the time" ANY questions ask me =3
anything really, computers writeing and drawing, furrysssssssssssssss, metal, mostly fantisy